Photo Design


Well this photo may look familiar as it was one of the pictures I took on Friday. It doesn’t look like it was taken in October, but through the power of Photoshop I managed to take a photo that was a little drab and turn it into something awesome, it practically looks like spring!


So I started with this image and picked some colors that stood out pretty well. All of the colors used really Work well with the image.

The words were mostly just meant to match with the flower picture, and I think it did that pretty well. Originally there was a column instead of a slash to hold the picture together but I got a suggestion to change it by my professor and I think it turned out pretty good.

I also made the color scheme part stand out less, but I still wanted it to be prominent, so I lowered the text size and changed the lines to make it work better.


I met with William Strong on Wednesday while we were both working on the project. He also suggested that I slant the bar so if a few people say that would work better I decided it was the best thing to do. I am happy how it turned out.


Sometimes we just go through the motions but that is when we need to improve ourselves.


It is for people who need to be motivated, who want to do something with their life, but don’t.

Top Thing I Learned

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles. Usually I try to stick with pretty masculine things when I design but this was a bit of a challenge trying to make this work.

Color Scheme

Split complementary/ Magenta, Cyan, Yellow


Sign Painter// Script

American Typewriter Bold// Serif

The Original Image



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