Business Identity


Create a logo and visual identity that identifies across everywhere.


I did quite a few sketches, it took me a while to find one that I liked. I wanted something that was cool looking, simple and versatile and eventually I narrowed it down to 3 black and white logos in illustrator. Next I decided on the Line logo, it was the simplest but it looked pretty appealing. On it’s own the logo was a little plain so I was thinking of ways I could make the logo stand out, I tried arrows, squares and hexagons but nothing was working.

Then I had a sudden realization, use lines… I felt like the answer was staring at me in the face, so after experimenting with the positioning and color scheme I came up with this. It made it easy to incorporate the logo and iconography in other design elements, it could be borders, it could be banners and it could even be put on a t-shirt. This is the kind of versatility I was looking for. So I messed around with positioning for a little until I found some good placement for the lines. I used them in different ways in order to unify it all together.


I met with Jake Ottesen to look over my logo, he really liked it but suggested I adjust some of the spacing between some of the descriptive words in order to make it more unified. I also got the same advice from our professor in the critique video. So I followed there advice and fixed it.

I showed this logo to a lot of friends I had and it was received pretty well.


A cool company that makes fun videos for clients.


Companies and people who need a video service for events or commercials.

Top thing I learned

Repeating design elements makes an easy way to recognize a brand right away.


Logo // Contact Info  // Helvetica Neue

Body // American Typewriter

Draft Images




One thought on “Business Identity

  1. Hey, great job on your business identity project! Your color scheme definitely goes with your message of the business being a fun video maker. All of the different pieces are easily recognizable as being from the same business, so you did a good job with unifying the parts. I can see why you aligned the contact info along a diagonal line on the business card, since there are diagonal lines on both sides of it. It looks like you left plenty of white space open on your letterhead for people to be able to write in, which is always good. Seriously, great job on this!

    Check out my blog if you get a chance!

    This blog is pretty great too:


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