Info Graphic



Create an info-graphic to display information in an appealing way


First I went and tried to get it sketched out. I wanted to get an LA feel but I had a little trouble trying to get that I wanted to include something that had LA culture so I looked to try to include buildings that would be recognizable. So I went for palm trees and a sunset feel but I quickly revised it to include more background colors than just yellow so I expanded using colors from my logo. Eventually I decided to take the slant that I applied to my logo and use it as section splitters. I am quite happy how it came out.


LA is a super cool and fun place everybody should visit at least once.


People who live in LA and People thinking of moving to LA

Top thing I learned

Making your own custom vector illustrations can take a while, next time I am opting for the royalty ones for sure!

Original images used in process


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