Create a website about the logo you made.


I went and tried to copy the format of my other project the business identity project. It was going pretty good when I was coding it but my computer crashed and I lost all my work! After a lot of work to get to the point it is now I finally recovered it to how I would want it now. I messed around with positioning and tried to mess with padding. One of the problems that gave me more grief was getting rid of the tiny borders around the website. After fiddling around with the padding I finally got it to look like one page.


My critique from the client said that I should use more lists in the site to make it more legible. I also received feedback to change the font color to make it more readable.


A cool company that makes fun videos for clients.


Companies and people who need a video service for events or commercials.

Top thing I learned

Back up all my work, even if I don’t think I need to.


Title // Contact Info  // Roboto Slab

Body // Ariel



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