Website Concept



Create a website that implements the logo branding.


I did three or four sketches in order to get some ideas on how I wanted to execute this project, but I wanted it to break the norm a little bit, I toyed with the idea of making a website that panned out like a tree, but instead I settled on a design similar to my infographic. I tried to get the  page to pan out like the logo by using colors in the order that they appear.



With my critique the main feed back I got with people was to include a call to action or something that they could interactive. So I added some buttons and changed some of the titles in order to convey something


A cool company that makes fun or professional videos for clients. We make it easy on the customer so they can have a great message and can get it marketed.


Companies and people who need a video service for events or commercials.

Top thing I learned

Thinking outside of the box can give you some cool ideas, I mean the design isn’t that crazy, but it is pretty unique and utilizes the slant in the logo it brings in some unity while seeming different.


Body // Yu Gothic

Title // American Typewriter

Draft Images


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