Brochure Project


Create a brochure that gets the company message across


I heavily based the design off of the website, I think over the past few weeks I have really honed down what the look I am going for. I tried to unify it with the other stuff i have been doing including the 9 degree tilt on some of the lines. It took me a while but I came up with a fold I thought would be unique. It would start out smaller than your average brochure but would turn into something bigger.  I made a little booklet with doodles in it and tried the folding pattern I wanted. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of that to show.


I had my roommate who has taken this class in the past look at it. He really liked the repetition and the asymmetry of it all, but pointed out that some of the images would be upside down if I printed it out so I went to work and corrected it.


A cool company that makes fun or professional videos for clients. We make it easy on the customer so they can have a great message and can get it marketed.


Companies and people who need a video service for events or commercials.

Top thing I learned

Trying to think of new ways to make a brochure fold, I think it came out pretty cool.


Body // Yu Gothic

Title // American Typewriter

Draft Images



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