Revision of Website


So this one was pretty fun. When I first submitted this I ran into a big problem, my computer became an amnesiac. It erased all my files and after a couple hours of work and code was gone. So the last one was a little rushed. So when I heard that we had to revise at least one project I picked this one without hesitation.


From first glance the colors are different and the little footer is gone. Those were pretty easy to fix. I added a header and made some new links. What was really cool is that I made them interactive, it took me a little bit to figure out how to make a horizontal list and make each little thing interactive. One thing that you can’t see is that I made a favicon that pops up in the tab, and the background is static, when you scroll down it doesn’t move.

Things I Learned

A little css goes a long way to making a site look awesome. It took a while to figure out but in the end I think it came out awesome.

Images used



8 thoughts on “Revision of Website

  1. I really like your revised website! Coding can be super rough sometimes, but you really pulled it off! I like how you have a header at the top with a navigation bar and the image you chose really goes along with the over all color scheme. Great work!!


  2. Josh, your project looks great! I love the colors that you chose. Your logo is awesome! It intrigues the reader. Really great job!


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