Fine Art Prints

These were some of the photos I took at Bannack Ghost Town, for this series it was to make something you wanted to put on a wall. It took me all day to find these pictures to take but I think it was worth it!


The Shed






Broken Down


The Lodge


2 thoughts on “Fine Art Prints

  1. I am really impressed by your photos and your editing, Josh. You seriously have such a talent for photography. Good for you! Your angles and perspective is so good.

    I hope that you’ll check out my blog too:

    I also really loved Rachel’s photos! Please check his blog out!:


  2. WOW! The shot between the buildings is gorgeous. I want to frame that on my wall. You did a great job getting creative with the buildings, rather than taking a normal photo. I really like the angles you used, you got down rather than standing normal. Here is a link to my fine art, I’d love if you checked it out and here is Summers


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