Steam Sales: Brace Your Wallets

Steam Summer Sale is here and wallets everywhere are unprepared. Once a year steam has its infamous summer sale where some games can be as much as ninety percent off their original price. This is one of the most lucrative times of year for software developers and Valve, Steam’s parent company alike. But what causes this mas drop of money from eager players.

There is a lot behind these and Valve in recent years has started to increase the fervor more by including new parts. Not only do you get games at crazy prices but you get virtual collectible items to prove that you participated in such a massive event.

Summer sale is crazy, if it were at a physical location there would be black Friday levels of craziness, so even Valve, a multibillion dollar company needs to gear up and prepare before it happens. Sometimes it doesn’t prepare enough.

The summer sale works very well because of the perceived value. Computer Gaming is a expensive hobby, so when prices on 60 dollar games are slashed in half, or good games drop to a mere 2 dollars people love to jump on the wagon. But people have a hard time controlling themselves and often buy several games they never often end up playing.

It is the whole blue light mentality. If it is something you might want remotely if it becomes very inexpensive it becomes easier to make that choice to buy it. They may never use it but they wanted it.

But the thing is, with the enormity of sales across the platform, valve still gets paid massive money from royalties of games being hosted on their service.

Games that hit a slump in sales often find themselves to have spikes in sales climbing back on the charts.

Summer Sale isn’t a bad thing, in fact I love it. I can often pickup games I have always wanted for far less then I would have got it any other day. But we need to show a bit of self-control so we don’t burn out our poor little wallets

Historically Incorrect Presents: 5 Dogs With More Power Than Alexander The Freaking Great

1.This Dog

Image result for ripped dog

Sure it doesn’t control half of Asia and a majority of Europe but look at that thing!

2. Or This One

Image result for smart doggo

Ok, so Alexander was tutored by the finest minds of ancient Europe, we get it, but was he as intelligent as this pup? I don’t think so!

3 This Big Pupper

Image result for russian mastiff

Just look at him! Doesn’t it look like he can win an Asian land war single handed? Can Alexander do that?

4 Or This Good Boy

Image result for puggo

Need I say more?

5 The Greater Dane

Image result for greater dane

From John Hoffman’s magnum opus masterpiece Good Boy (2003). This doggo commands and intergalactic armada of hyper-intelligent canines who secretly control the human race, according to the movies deep rich lore. None can stand to the Greater Dane’s might, all who resist will meet an untimely end.

E-Sports Growing Credibility

When we think of video games often people just think of something to blow some time away, maybe a hobby to spend quality time with friends, but the scene of Esports is becoming bigger and bigger.

Ever since video games have been around, they have been associated with competition. In 1972 when one of the first game tournaments was for the game Spacewar! a game programmed by students at Stanford in the 70s. But it hadn’t really caught on, it was mostly looked at as a novelty, and it wasn’t until the release of Starcraft in the 90s that games started to take a major place in competitions becoming huge in Korea.

Image result for league of legends tournament

After years of building a dedicated community games have come on the scene to be a pretty big player in live entertainment. In fact according to an article by ESPN the 2016 League of Legends drew in viewership numbers of 36 million people to keep that in comparison 40 million people tuned into the MLB world series.

And Universities are starting to hop on the band wagon as well. Like the University of Utah is offering to give partial scholarships for their League of Legends team and the long term plan is to have them turn into full ride scholarships if they can get the backing behind their team.

The Esports arena is constantly evolving and several companies that used to focus solely on just games are becoming more and more Esports centered. Nintendo for instance has pushed out several games they plan on giving Esport support, offering big cash prizes and broadcasting across the country.

It may seem weird to many but the amount of skill and practice that go into it are incredible, so if you ever come across a live Esports event, give it a chance and watch a little.



Word list to inspire me


  • Statues
  • Ruins
  • Old People
  • Historical Photographs
  • Rome


  • Eagles
  • Faded shots in the background
  • Horse
  • Castles triumphantly extending into the sky


  • Clean
  • Simplistic
  • Sans serif fonts

IPPIE Process

  1. Identify
    1. Objectives: Get people to laugh
      1. Message: Poke fun at history like the Onion makes fun of news
      2. Audience: Let’s face it, history nerds and people looking for a quick laugh, not a very complex audience
      3. Actions: Short little snippet tweets and maybe some big image posts a little less often and maybe a video… maybe
      4. Timing: Small posts everyday maybe 2-3 and bigger posts like once a week, shouldn’t be too hard
    2. Read Seascape
      1. Channel Profiles: Facebook and Twitter
      2. Expectations: Get me some shares likes and followers
      3. Taboos (what to avoid, potential pitfalls): Keep it light on hashtags, NEVER BREAK CHARACTER EVER.
    3. Plan
      1. Strategy
        1. Who: Like I said earlier, nerds, geeks, people who like satire etc.
        2. Where: list the channels you plan to use: Facebook and Twitter
        3. What: Just weird satirical stuff about history
        4. When: Like every day
      2. Define Success
        1. Metrics: I think followers and likes is a good measure. If I can get to 500 by the end of the semester I think it would be considered very successful for what I want to do.

The Shifting Landscape of Television

We are in a renaissance of television. With dramas like Breaking Bad to hilarious comedies like Parks and Recreation. We have never had better TV, engaging stories with high production values. But with the advent of the internet the landscape of TV is changing. Once powerful juggernauts like ESPN and CNN are struggling to stay relevant in a medium that is focusing more and more on streaming over the internet. Cable companies are losing customers who are flocking to services like Netflix and Hulu. What seemed like novelties quickly turned into staples in the household.jens-kreuter-85328

Personally, I don’t think I have watched traditional TV in the past year. I have Netflix and watch everything I want there. Why pay 60 bucks a month for cable when you can pay just a fraction of that to watch the show that you care about. This is OK, we the medium of TV is shifting, and if a company wants to keep up it must change what it focuses on to be big. Continue reading “The Shifting Landscape of Television”

Vaporwave Seeps Through The World

The internet has cultivated creativity and interaction to an all new possibilities. We have been able to share our cultures and things that we thought only someone in America would appreciate would spread all over the world finding their own niche. This has led to several cultures to adapt styles and tastes in their own way, from things to punk rock to bluegrass, but none had been entirely born online.

That is until Vaporwave.

Vaporwave is, perhaps, the first genre and style to be entirely born over the internet. It was created in the early 2010s and has evolved since then Many may consider Vaporwave a meme, but do not confuse it with the likes of Confession Bear, or Bad Luck Brian. Vaporwave has several different elements and things that make it distinct.

For instance, it’s heavy use of sights and sounds of the 80s and 90s use of pastel colors and a liberal heaping of Japanese characters and writing. Overall Vaporwave’s aim is to provide a wash of nostalgia and critique the consumerism that drove the eighties and nineties, almost to satirical levels.

But despite it’s being a reusing of elements of those decades, according to an article on dummy magazine “it has transcended Hypnagogic pop and vaporwave both like to manipulate their material to defamiliarise it and give it a sense of the uncanny […and…] have an eerie tendency now and again to turn trash, something shallow and determinedly throw away, into something sacred or mystical.”

Some of it is haunting, and evocative and others are crass and silly, and it has a very large following it has a subreddit with 50,000 subscribers and continues to be an active subject on site like Tumblr and YouTube.

Vaporwave continues to spread, as creators from all over the world have put their own personal mark on the genre making it evolve and change into something new.